Li'l Sis

I am going shopping with my little sister today. Actually, a more appropriate term would be my 'younger' sister, considering that she outgrew me when she was 10 and I was eighteen.
She has blossomed this year. I've never seen anyone truly blossom the way she has. When I remember the little, slightly awkward baby of a sister I had last year, I almost don't recognize who she is now. It's not very often that you look at a person and can so clearly see every inch of brilliant potential they posses. It sparkles in her eyes; it's written in every new graceful line in her body; it dances out with every word she speaks. I ache to give her the tools and opportunities to do and become everything I haven't, but I can't. She is her own very individual person, and I can't wait to see what she does with her life.
I love you baby sister!


Halleleyah said...

Awwwwww.....that's so Shweet! Often times it's so very wonderful to know what someone you love really thinks about you...I love you sooooo much Charisa! ! ! ! !

Your "Li'l" sis ^^

Charisa said...

I love you too deary darling! I had fun yesterday :) xoxo