hot hot hot

It is a very hot day. Very. Hot. Day.
I melted into a sad little puddle at work. A weird collage of syrup splatters interspersed with coffee grounds decorated my arms and legs and chest and face and neck. I'm sure they were other places. On days like this it seems that everything wants to stick and creep and spill on me.
However I triumphed over two ridiculous young men when I told them that the more they flirted with me, the better they'd have to tip me. They were incredibly silent and polite thereafter. When they drove away I found 5 dollars in my little jar.
Bless God for giving me sass and wit.


Rebekah said...

Imagine it another 10+ degrees hotter...with humidity that makes the air feel like a wall. Our boy hasn't been able to play outside all summer...

May you have a cool breeze on your back today, and every customer HAPPY with tips bigger than you have ever known before!

SK and Family said...

LOL--too cute! It sounds like such a fun job (I think I enjoyed my job at a Chinese restaurant, while in college, the most--and, I actually learned to speak some Chinese!).